• D2C mobile platform BI & Analytics

    After building a basic reporting structure (deep M ETL & Dax calculations) to understand operation and support users with data, we applied incremental improvements to reach a complete data model, with 150 KPIs and categories' analysis features, available within the OLAP feature in Excel. After Reporting was reached, we built the Analytics Framework needed to boost business performance. This allowed RGM & Precision Marketing strategies to develop. Features included Cross Selling Matrix, Dynamic comparison of prices & elasticities over time, sku & category analysis, Cohort Analysis, campaign mapping performance, among others.

  • Reporting Building from scratch of a Gold Production Company (supply chain)

    The company had all the reports built in Excel. What we did was to construct the input in a standarized manner, and the BI Data model in Power BI. Dashboards included alerts versus targets and plan, to monitor the extraction and production of Gold & Silver, as well as the performance of machines, downtime, productive hours, etc.

  • Coaching BI & Reporting implementation - One of the B4 professional services Companies

    The company needed to push the adoption of Power BI within areas of Tax, Insurance and Audit area. We designed the whole program and guided the trainings, exercises and automated tasks. By the end of the program analysts were capable of building their own dashboards to automate repetitive tasks and visualize data in an useful and "sharable" manner.

  • SME transformation - From Excel to Power BI 100% migration of financial statements & operation scorecard

    We transformed isolated Excel files into a single daily scorecard to cash management, a monthly scorecard with up to dated financial statements and an operation dashboard for daily tracking. This minimized errors, optimized performance as it was online connected to data sources.

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